AdriaLog is a location-based web application dedicated to the tourism in Adriatic. Website is based on a map of Adriatic. Users can move along the map and by clicking on a selected island, town, bay or village, underneath the map various information about that location is displayed.

Information is divided into official information (user can choose between nautical information, information on hotels, apartments, camps and other tourism infrastructure, as well as information on various events, historical and natural sights.

On the right side, also underneath the map there a special part of the website is dedicated to information exchange between AdriaLog users. They can post their experience from their vacation and add photos to their Log-posts.

This way tourists can plan their holiday based not only on information provided by Tourist Associations, but also based on experience of people, that visited that location in the past. Dynamic system always finds ten most recent Log posts about selected location. All locations have a permanent link we can send a friend by e-mail.

A special part of AdriaLog are two services:

  • AdriaStore service where users can rent a yacht
  • and AdriaLog reservations, where boaters can reserve a place in marinas and restaurants.

Creating an account is fast and easy. No personal information is needed, replying a Log post can be absolutely anonymous.

Advertising on AdriaLog

Advertising on AdriaLog is specific because it is focused on geographic locations. Advertiser can reduce costs by advertising only on specific locations - places of their business, with utmost reach of target consumers.

By advertising on AdriaLog Advertiser can expand the season into the fall and in into the early spring, because in those time frames AdriaLog users will be most active.

After the main season they will be full of impressions from their just past holiday, writing Log posts on AdriaLog, in the early spring we expect them to look up various locations for their upcoming vacation.

We offer various forms of advertisements and infomercials. There is the basic text ad and active banners different sizes, and maybe the most interesting one - a PR article - infomercial. AdriaLog is extremely well optimized for Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo and others, so keywords in these infomercials find themselves very high in results in Search Engine results.


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